“The process from conception to birth and beyond, is for most women a normal physiological and psychological process. I believe in a woman’s ability to birth her baby without interference, but with love and support from her family and significant others who are privileged to share this wonderful journey of discovery with her.”
About Amelia

I am a midwife with over 20 years experience working in London, Essex and Hertfordshire. I undertook my professional training within the United Kingdom. I have worked within both hospital and community environments as a midwife and a health visitor. Immediately prior to becoming an Independent Midwife I worked as a Specialist Midwife at the Royal London Hospital in Whitechapel London, supporting the practice and development of other midwives and junior doctors. The Royal London is a large teaching hospital. While working there I was involved in the development of care pathways, guidelines and audit. This has helped develop and enhance my midwifery practice. I continue to occasionally work at my local National Health Service [NHS] unit to maintain my acute clinical skills.

Among my skills I am a family planning nurse and specialist smoking cessation advisor and can advise you on these and other areas as requested.

A practising associate of Independent Midwives UK

Why have Amelia as your Independent Midwife?

I choose to work outside the NHS in a self-employed capacity to enable me to utilise the full range of my professional skills working with women and families. As an Independent Midwife I can give individualised non-hurried care to a small group of women and their families, getting to know them personally and professionally. I enjoy a productive working relationship with my local NHS colleagues and liaise with them as necessary.

Within the NHS women are likely to see several different midwives throughout pregnancy and birth with little opportunity to form a close relationship with any of them.

As an Independent Midwife I ‘book’ a finite number of women per year. This enables me to offer you ‘one to one’ care in which I concentrate my knowledge, skills and time on supporting you through this life changing experience with specific attention to your individual needs.

Within my practice a proportion of women wish to birth their babies at home with the remainder being planned hospital births. I specialise in home birth, water birth, Lotus Birth, VBAC (vaginal birth after a caesarean). I wish to support women with previous difficult or traumatic birth experiences.

Please see my Birth Stories/Testimonials for feedback of my care packages. Women I have cared for will happily discuss their experience with you (if requested). Please feel free to ask me for telephone contact. I am the main provider of your Independent Midwifery care, but can arrange the back up of other local Independent Midwives if needed. The cost of this is included in your fee. I work with midwives who share a similar care philosophy to myself.